Monday, November 14, 2011

Help is Needed, A Great 4-H Project Idea, Dogs!

        As many of you know our family has been planning on taking a road trip to visit family this winter, mainly in the west. We were planning on leaving this week anyways but this morning Dad got a call and was told his father had died. (I will try to get a post solely on that later) We need to get down there quickly and these dogs are holding us up. You could keep them temporarily or permanently.

        Kids could take on the challenge of caring for and/or training a dog. You could use it as a practise run to see if your children are responsible enough for a dog yet.

Action shot! :) Yes this is Jex, she thinks she's a lap dog.
        Jex (named after her mother Jill and the father Rex) is a spayed Australian Shepherd Blue-Red Healer Border Collie mix. ( These breeds are all herd dogs, children could teach her to herd sheep) She is medium size. She is very sweet and loves to be around people she loves, she is shy of strangers and barks but we have never know her to bite. She rolls on the ground when you pet her and is kinda funny. She also does that when she is scared which I find amusing. :) She's grown up around cats and is friendly with them. She is extremely smart too. She knows how to climb ladders, I have a picture of the stunt but it's on my phone and I can't get it onto the computer.

licking his chops...

        Pappy is her brother and has the same heritage. He is a little larger with a strong build but is still a medium sized dog. He is very submissive and takes treats out of hands gingerly. He also has been taught to be a guard dog and has kept critters away from the chickens. He even caught one of two coons that had jumped out of a (small short) tree in attempt to get away from him. He loves to swim, he looks like a tug boat when he does, it's lots of fun to go swimming with him. Pappy is only available temporarily. We have never know him to bite. He's grown up around cats and is friendly with them... but he does like to play with them, doesn't seem to notice that cats don't like to play with dogs. Haha, *grin  (But he does seem to be growing out of it.)

 Isn't he sweet?

Thank you all who considered taking him. :)
        Remus is an Anatolian Great Pyrenees mix. But the dad was a lab that came over to visit the mom one day. The people we got him from had an operation going between a pure bred Anatolian and a pure bread Great Pyrenees. They'd breed them and sell the puppys. The only reason we got this one was because of the oopsie lab. You can catch the lab traits in the shape of his head. He does a good job of keeping the ciotes away at night and is big and clumsy but very sweet. We have never know him to bite.
I named him after Uncle Remus in the Song of the South. But Mom insists he was named after the two brothers who were in charge of building Rome, Romulus and Remus. One of them was in charge of the walls and the other was in charge of building the inside, they got into a fight and Romulus killed Remus. That's why we have Rome and not Reme.

Even if you don't want the dogs please tell everybody you know, get the word out please!

The numbers to call (the top is number is preferred) if you are interested are:

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