Monday, August 15, 2011


What did I learn these past two weeks? Well, always think before you say something. Two weeks ago today I was about to write something stupid as my status update for facebook. It could have easily been turned around then gossip would have been flying about in no time. Thankfully my parents stopped me. But then I was grounded. Something I did not like.
 At first I sulked but after a few days I got over it and started to wait patiently for the two weeks to be up. I had plenty of time to think about what I almost did. I'm glad my parents were watching out for me and I learned this lesson the easy way. It reminds me of the time I got mixed up in gossip before and had to learn the hard way.

There was gossip going around about various people that I knew was not true. So I tried to stop it. I got involved with it all and in the process of trying to stop it I had to say, what she said he said isn't true, so unintentionally I spread it around further. It was a big mess. Well the parents got involved and we all had a big meeting at our house. The parents were all in the dining room and each person involved went in by themselves and got interviewed. I was quite nervous when it was my turn, I kept wringing my hands in my lap under the table.

Unavoidably I lost my parents trust because of that situation. They took my phone away and I was grounded from talking to my friends that were involved with the gossip. A couple of days later I was writing to a friend, (not any of the ones I was grounded from) there happened to have been gossip about her. Well my Dad came up behind me and said he was going to read my letter. He didn't even ask. That made me mad. I was so angry that because I didn't have my phone to call my other friend so I could vent I decided that I would take a walk up the road. When I came to the old red shack at the side of the road I almost decided to wait out the night there, but there were wasps, I kept on walking. A little further down, I was still fuming, I decided that if I couldn't call my friend I would just walk to her house. It did not matter to me that her house was over fifteen miles away. I could make it there before sundown I thought.

Well I walked and walked and walked. I cooled off and began to think how stupid this whole idea was. But, I was too stubborn. "I'm not turning back now." I walked past a horse, sheep, llamas, goats, houses, a church, through a little wincy town, got chased by a huge dog, and kept walking. It was only a little ways past the huge dog and when it was very much getting on the dark side of the day when our friends mom drove by and stopped. She asked me if I needed a ride. Well I knew she was going to take me back to my parents but I climbed in anyways. I said I was going to my friends house. I was silent and only answered in monosyllables when she asked me something. I fingered the rock in my hand that I had picked up on the way.

We met our parents in the little town. I dumped my rock into the bed of the truck and slammed the door as I got in. I was in a foul mood and my face showed it as my parents tried to talk to me. I was a little more cooperative with them then I was with our friends mom. They took me to Casey's gas station to get gas and bought me a drink and some crackers. When we got home and I hid in my room.

All that to say never ever ever get involved with gossip, even if your only trying to stop it. Also think before you do something. It was a stupid idea to try to walk the main highways all the way to my friends house. And these past weeks I learned another lesson in gossip, be very careful you don't start it.

~This story doesn't seem very big, but it has had a big impact on me.!

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