Thursday, July 7, 2011

What We Did While Our Parents Were Gone. (centipede infested water, bitter plums, tans, half mile run, horse and showers)

Well we went down to the swimming hole yesterday. We were all ready to get into that cold water, but we didn't. This is the third year in a row that the centipedes took over our swimming hole! They were all in the water and all over the walls of the big pipe (goes under the road). Ick! We walked up stream instead. Wasn't as much fun. I got about four centipedes crawling on me as soon

as I sat down on an old log... not doing that again! :P  Later my older brother dropped the neighbor boys back off and me and Savannah waited at the land. My two brothers planted some more cucumbers and my sister and I lay on the trampoline and worked on our tans... I don't see that it did much though ;) We fed the goats some plums from the plum tree next to the driveway. It's a wild plum and kinda bitter but the goats love it.

Later after cleaning up from dinner my younger brother and sister, and I went for a run to the river probably about half a mile away. Well I jogged actually... but I didn't stop till I was all the way there! Little sister was the slowest and stopped running pretty soon, Little brother was the fastest and got there before both of us. Now I just knew this was going to get my sister when she saw me so I lay down on the railing of the bridge and waited for her to come up.

Sure enough "------ don't do that! You could fall!"

I grinned and ignored her. Then we ran over to the horse. Little brother fed it and I petted it and hugged it... got horse hair all over me. He and I explored the yard of the abandoned house... the yard sports an old basketball goal and a rusty clothesline, rusty well pump, and some outbuildings, along with a bunch of weeds. The dog and the horse got into a fight.. kinda. The dog growled and slunk away and the horse snorted and stomped his feet.

We ran part of the way and walked part of the way back. Had fun, as soon as Grandma saw us she said something about showers. lol yeah I was planning on doing that anyway.

~I know, very unprofessional writing... enjoy anyways!~

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