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Three Stories

Happy Canary

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Under the blue sky was a hill, and on the hill a house, and in the house a table, and on a table a bird cage, and in the cage a canary, and the canary belonged to a girl who loved to hear it sing.
"Sing to me birdy" she said
So the bird sang and that song went out the cage, over the table, out the house, down the hill to a little old man who was quite sad. The man heard it and said
"Oh how beautifull that is, it sounds sweet to my great old ears."
So he went up the hill, found the house and saw the table, bird cage, bird and the little girl.
"What a sweet little bird you have there dear child." said the old man.
"Oh yes she is a darling, she sings to me every day when I aks her and makes me happy."
"Ah, it is a good thing to be happy. I am a sad old man, a little bird like that would make me happy."
"Do you like her?" the girl asked "You can have her if you like. I have had her a long time now and she has made me so happy. I am sure she could make an old man like you happy too. Take her, she is my girft to you."
So the old man did. He took the bird out of the cage and set her on his shoulder. Then he walked down the hill with his new friend singing all the way, and he was happy.
The girl watched th ean go and a warm feeling crept into her heart. She was glad she could give somebody so much joy.

~This story seems kinda silly but thought it would post it anyways.~

Going to Work

It was take your child to work day and Graham brought his son with him. The boy was seven years old, bright blue eyes freckles and had an inquisitive nature. Graham worked at an office building with lots of cubicles, a little lunch room with a refrigerator and microwave, and some nice people worked there. Graham showed the boy his cubicle and where he hung up the pictures he drew for him. He showed him the lunchroom and a few other oddity's the office held. Then he brought Sam to visit Gopal.
Gopal was a nice man and liked children even though he didn't have any of his own. Graham knew he would have a piece of candy for Sam. His prediction was right Gopal was a hit with Sam. He knew just what to say and had a sucker for Sam. The boy looked around Gopals cluttered office. There were papers strewn about, an overflowing waste basket and Gopals lunch from yesterday sat on the desk next to the picture of his wife. A little carved wooden object was next to the portrait.
"Whats that?" Sam asked pointing.
Gopal started, he hadn't expected to be asked about his idol and he knew Graham was a Christian. He hesitated briefly then answered "Well Sam, I'm Hindu and this is the god I worship."
Graham watched as his boys face turned to one of shock. "You worship that little thing?" he asked incredulously "What can it do? My God is so big He made the world."
Later on that month Gopal told Graham that he had become a Christian and that it had all started when Sam came to work that day.

This is not a true story, however, a man that works at my dad's office is Hindu and he does have a little idol sitting on his desk. This was the inspiration for the story; Dad was telling us about him. He is a very nice man, very conservative, careful of what he exposes his children to, but still he is not Christian and when he dies he will spend his eternity in Hell. Please pray for him. Gopal is pronounced Go-paul

Two Daughters

There once lived a man in the land of Zepp who had two daughters. The oldest, Regina, was very beautiful. She had long hair black as ravens wings. Sparkling beautiful gray eyes, and nimble feet, she was a wonderful dancer. She had many suitors but would not have any of them because "They are not good enough for me. I shall marry a prince." She was a vain girl, smug towards her sister who was not as beautiful as herself.
Now the king of that land heard of Regina's beauty and skill in danceing. So he sent a meesenger to the man saying "Send your daughter to the palace. She must dance for us at the prince's feast. She will be greatly honored, her name will go throughout the land, the people will sing praises of the wonderful feast and dancer."
So Regina went to the palace and danced for the prince. The prince seeing Regina fell in love with her beauty. He said to the king'
"I must have her as my wife. If I do not get her I shall die!"
So not many weeks after, they were married.
Regina thought it was wonderful. She had everything she wanted, she lived in a palace, had many servants, she was rich, and her huband was heir to the throne. But later she became sick and wanted her husband to comfort her. But he did not come, and when Regina grew old he did not love her because she was no longer beautiful.
Now the younger daughter was named Lena, and although her appeance was rather plain, her actions were beautiful. She had a pleasant nature and was kind to the few servants the household had. She enjoyed working in the kitchen laughing with the cook. She always had a kind word for those who needed it most.
When Lena went to the market to buy the food they did not produce themselves, a certain man took note of her cheery manner and fell in love. But being of a shy nature he didn't say anything of the matter. One day Marcus, (for that was the mans name) One day he was feeling especialy gloomy and Lena noticed.
"What is the matter Marcus?"
Before he knew what he was saying Marcus heard himself answer, "I am trying to figure out how to make you who is always laughing and cheerful, fall in love with a man like me who is always so quiet."
"Oh Marcus if only you had asked I would have told you I have always loved you. You are not loud like the other men speaking of things you do not know. Instead you listen and when you do say something it is always clever."
So after that the two went on seeing eachother and were eentualy married. And when Lina was sick Marcus nursed her back to health. And they both grew old together and loved eachother to the end.

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