Thursday, July 28, 2011

Embrasing Your Womanhood

      We live in a culture today that puts constant pressure on girls to either out perform, or match boys and men in every aspect of life. They are expected to have a Masters Degree in education and psychology, a successful career with 2.4 children to boot. They are expected to be the masters of the ship, have everything in order. Girls are pressured to expose their body in the name of fashion. If you don't dress in a certain way boys will not like you. She has her own SUV she owns a big house with an immaculate yard. Her neighborhood is the best in the whole area. Her children go to the finest schools and day cares. These are the requirements for a successful woman.
     But all too often her marriage is in shambles; they get a divorce. Now she must do it all alone. How are we women supposed to cope? How are we supposed to do it all alone? We can't. Maybe we should do something to change that.
     I want my part of the GirlTopia project to be about embracing womanhood. Woman are designed to care for the children. Who gets pregnant? The man? Of course not the woman does. Who has breasts to produce milk? The man? Of course not, the woman does. Who is more emotional and more in tune to other peoples emotions? The woman.
     Women don't have to be everything a man is, just as a man doesn't have to be everything a woman is. Women are designed to take care of the children and I want to show girls you can be successful as “just a mom”. I believe if children were raised in a home with the mother and father in their proper God given roles that things would be better for them. They would feel more secure, the amount of teen violence would be greatly reduced, just overall the children would be happier and healthier, both physically and psychologically. Girls can help better the world starting at home. Woman have the important task of preparing children for life. If women prepare these children properly and adequately the world would be a much better place.
     Now I know there are women who have to work and that is okay. But I want to take the pressure off these girls so that in the future they don't feel like they have to have all of this and do all of that.
     As the saying goes “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Let's teach girls how to raise good leaders for tomorrow.

~A girl scout project I'm working on. As you can see there is not a lot of detail on HOW I'm planning to do that. Well this is just what I have for presenting my idea. Maybe in the future I will put some posts up on the subject. I would like to recommend you to a site I go to often,, she has written quite a lot on this subject.~

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