Friday, May 27, 2011

Buying Goats

May 25, 2011
We were suposed to leave the house at 9:30 this morning but we just now left at 9:52.
Bed Bath and Beyond
Music store
Thrift store
Great Grandma
Grandma DD
Look at some goats
Sam's Club

       These are all the places we're going today. At the music store we're going to pick up a book for my student and little cousin, Austin. At the thrift store we're goiong to look for tea cups for Savannahs birthday tea party this weekend. Grandmama wants to go to Wallmart and Bed Bath and Beyond. We'll stop by Great Grandmas for a quick visit and to drop off a Mothers Day card, and at Grandma DD's there was somethingabout sandbags. Sam's Club is for grocerie shopping.
       My brother and I are looking at buying some goats, a lacktating doe with a buckling. He and I made a deal. I gave him my black and white doeling, and he's supposed to get me a buck. I wasn't going to keep Poppy anyways because she has a double teat, so it's a good deal for me. 

May 26, 2011
       Well yesterday sure was an adventure. We went everywhere on our list except the thrift store. (A result of being behind scheduale because of the whether.) We went to Orshlin first then Wallmart. While we were at Wallmart we got a tornado warning and everybody was kicked out of the store. We went to our pastors house to hide in the basement. There were seventeen people in that crouded basement! I played a board game called the Very Hungry Catipillar (from the book) with the three youngest. ----- kept putting her hands all over the board but we still managed to have a sucsecful game. The little girl  left and then we played Operation.
        We did end up buying the goats. The doe is Elly May, an Alpine Nubian cross, and Max the buckling, is 75% Nubian and 25% Alpine. They are both good looking goats. I asked to see othe kids who had the same sire and they all looked nice. The lady pointed out one buckling that looked a lot like him and that little buck had good comformation, so I figured we were getting a pretty good pair. Elly May does need her hoofs trimmed but they said she comes from a good lne of milkers; she does have a nice udder. The buckling will be a good stud.
        Now just picture this: A grandma, two parents, three teenagers, one baby, one doe, and a buckling crammed into one eight passenger suburban and packed in with tons of groceries from Sam's Club. A shovel is across my lap and Dad is ordering an obnoxious amount of food thru the Wendy's drive thru window. It is sometime after ten o' clock at night during tornado whether. To top is off later on that night we stop by the land to take care of the animals. While we're there we pick up to cattle panels, the only problem is we don't have a trailor. We ties it onto the hitch on the back of the suburban.
       So now we are one grandma, two parents, three teenagers, one baby, two goats, a ton of groceries, all in the suburban pulling two cattle pannels with sparks flying up from the road. But the real funny thing is.... It is al completely logical, I promise!

   ~A peice from my notebook~  (The picture is not mine, just one I got online.)

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