Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Adventures of a Raindrop

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This little raindrop's adventures began as soon as he was aware of his own existence. He didn't have a name and did not even know he lacked one. What he did know was that he was falling from the sky along with his fellow creatures. As he fell he turned to face up to his mother cloud and utter a hasty goodbye. Then suddenly his attention was drawn else where because right beside him an angry finger of lightning snaked out and singed his neighbor, turning him, for an instant, boiling hot. His companions face turned red but quickly cooled down. Down, down, down our little friend plunged, and he himself even got singed a few times.

Then quite unexpectedly the earth seemed to rear up towards him and he could see he was headed straight for a white mountain goat. Smack! He hit the goat square in the head between the horns. For an instant our friend caught sight of a young dark haired Shepard boy shout trying to get the goats safely down the mountain. Within a blink of an eyes the raindrop lost sight of the boy as he rolled down the goats nose and dripped off the end. He landed on an old worn out stone and the slope of the rock carried his round body downward. From stones, to hard packed earth, to grass and to plants he and his brothers were carried down the mountainside.

Up ahead he caught sight of the brown torrent that once was a well behaved river. Before he could think he was dashed into the midst of it and he felt as if he was being smothered. A brown drop rushed towards him angry that a sky drop would dare enter his territory. The brown drop and the sky drop fought each others as they rushed on their downward journey. Our sky drop fought like furry and he could see his fellow sky drops doing the same. All the drops in that swollen river fought unaware of the debris that floated amongst them. A horse, trees, a pig, boards of houses, sheep, a broken up wooden kart with a young girl clinging on for dear life. It seemed as if the whole mountain region was being washed away.
Onward they rushed for a day, then a night, then another day. Our little raindrop lost count but he was not constantly fighting now. The water drops had become used to each other and they blindly roared on not knowing why they did so except that they must. Eventually they calmed and once again the river was tame. Our little drop filled up his time looking at all the different things in the river. A fish with big curios eyes and other river life. The climate began to change and instead of the cool mountain air they entered farm country. He looked on as he swept past fields. Some of them for grazing and some of them with farmers hard at work. Then from there they traveled southwest. Sometimes their own river joined others for a time and sometimes it would break back off but still they headed the same general direction. Things became more humid. Instead of fresh, fast flowing water he found himself in a murky slow kind of current. Instead of salmon he found himself amongst alligators and craw fish.
It was on one of these days in the swamp land when he was lifted suddenly out of his sedate flow and was sloshed around in a metal bucket. He looked up and saw a young boy holding to the handle carefully lugging the pail trying not to spill a drop. It was a miracle our drop stayed in so long, he was nearly sloshed out the sides over half a dozen times. The boy set the bucket down and the drop who was beginning to feel sick sighed gratefully. He watched the boy curiously and saw him peek behind the corner of the house. What is he looking at? he wandered. Then the boy hoisted up his overalls, re-rolled his pant legs, and very quietly picked up the bucket. This time there was not a single slosh as the drop was carried slowly towards the middle of the yard. Then a scream! He was dumped along with the other drops onto the head of a little girl only a bit older then the boy. The boy laughed and the girl screamed and the raindrop dropped from hair to shoulder to arm and slid down off the finger onto the ground, and that was the end of the raindrop. He at last met his fate through the prank of a little swamp boy.

~A writing assignment I thought you might enjoy~

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