Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's a Nice Day for a Walk

...After church my brother and I walked home because we didn't want to go to town. (On errands) From church to our house is fifteen miles. We walked and walked and walked. On the shortcut road right off of the main road a man was digging a hole. He wore a red shirt and sunglasses; I think he was planting a bush. My brother asked if we could have a drink from his faucet.
     "Go right on ahead. There's one by the house and the shop."
         We went to the one by the house. Big brother let me go first so I stuck my head under the running water and got wet everywhere. He did the same then I had another drink and so did he.
     "Thanks," we called as we continued walking.
    When we got to the next I convinced brother to call his friend, who lived a little up the road, and see if he could take us the remaining five miles. He said he couldn't because his car was parked right outside his parents window and they were taking a nap. So eventually we got to their house and the boy ran out to meet us. We stopped in for a drink. My brother went downstairs with his friend and I stayed upstairs and talked to the two younger brothers. Their parents woke up and the mother offered me a piece of chocolate cake.
      The youngest piped up, "I made it."
    We stayed a few minutes longer while my brother and I ate our cake then we left. I put my sandals back on and we continued on our way.
    The last four miles to the house was a breeze, we got there in no time. I changed into some soccer shorts and a T-shirt, took care of Dixie, and made grilled sandwiches for our dinner. My brother went out and checked on his plants in the greenhouse and we finally sat down. I drank a glass of cold tea and he had water.

~An old farmer who passed us on the road and he slowed down and we talked. One of the things he said was "Well, it sure is a nice day for a walk today."~

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