Thursday, March 31, 2011

Old Towns

     I like Town 1 and would like to know more about it. Across the bridge is an abandoned house. ----- and I explored it one Monday. We went down the cellar all through the house, and learned that the old pump well still worked. It gushed out brown rusty water. The windows are busted out and a good part of the walls. The roof had caved in in several places and there was debris all over the floor. It was not too old because it had electricity but I still walked lightly for fear the floor would fall through. None of the rest of our party would join us so we were the only ones that went. What made Town 1 "untown" itself? Where is the mill and the school house? Just imagine this little Town 1 was real once. People used those sidewalks, worked at the mill, and went to school. Real people with a real life. A real history and story.
       I know Town 2 used to be a big town. It was a mining community, rather large, complete with a milliners shop. But then the mines shut down and the people started moving away. Corrupt government was its last stroke and now all that's left is buried sidewalks, flat ground where the train tracks used to be, and broken down buildings. It does have a post office and two churches one of them stands empty. There is a mostly unused park and a still standing unused (clean) out house. The houses still stand. The Winery is the only attraction. Some buildings in town have been boarded up, and a whole section of it is entirely forgotten. Our church used the park once for a picnic and I believe that is the only action its had for years.
      Town 3 has some interesting history, ----- has told me a lot about it. He can even point out certain buildings that had something important to do with the War Between the States. I've seen some old houses that still have slave quarters and a separate entrance for them. I don't remember much of what he said but I do know the impression; he is smart! And determined it must have taken a lot of work to learn all that, and he's traced his family history far back. Our friends own a jewelry shop in Town 3. The store is in the building an old bar used to be.

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