Thursday, March 3, 2011



  We are sitting in the lobby of the Richmond McDonald's. They are in the middle of remodeling, construction work is going on outside, half of the lobby is being used for the storage of equipment, supplies, and tool. The buzzing, beeping and clanking of machines fill my ear along with the sound of paper bag being opened, cups being filled, and in particular, the loud voice of a talkative employee.
Old men come here in the morning drink a cup of coffee and socialise, there old worn out voices are heard by all as they talk loudly. Sitting before me is my food. It is breakfast hours so I have pancakes, sausage, a biscuit, eggs, hash browns and orange juice to drink. Dad has the same but pop instead of OJ.
       My father moves his laptop aside a little, stretches out his hand and says "Lets pray."
      Inside I squirm embarrassed to be praying in front of everybody. Outwardly I am obedient and after wiping my hand I place mine in his. We pray. When dad is done we both say amen and to my surprise the dark haired middle aged lady in the table behind us joins in.
       "I forgot to pray before I ate." She explains
        Suddenly I am glad we prayed.

~This happened yesterday~
Sorry for the misspellings!

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