Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Look into the sky, see the stars shine bright?
They shine through the darkness giving the world light.
Twinkling silver, they show Gods might.
Looking up you know the couldn't just happen,
They were put there by God to bring us to Him.
All the constellations, how they move in the sky like a clock,
Somthing the Athiest can't rightly mock.
A testimony living on, somthing to study on in your mind.
Proof, one of many thousands, of God to mankind.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Trust In the Lord

I cannot know
what tomorrow will bring
but I've seen a rosy dawn.

I cannot
when spring will come
but I've heard the robins song.

I cannot know
why flowers were made
but I've marvelled at a rose.

I cannot know where life began
but I've held a baby close.

I cannot know whats waiting
just beyond this pathway's end,
But I've heard His word
and seen His works,
and so, I trust in Him.
~On the front of a card we got from some friends, I don't know who wrote the poem.~

The Best Time of My Life

I can certainly say this year has been like no other before. So many new things have been happening. We now have a new little brother, my twelve year old sister, once the youngest, is ecastic. Baby's birth was difficult but I can see how God protected us the whole time. We are blessed to have such good friends that helped us during labor, (over the phone, but we wouldn't have known what to do without them or their midwife.)

While we were gone dealing with pushy nurses, policeman and DFS, our house burned down. Thankfully God made sure everybody was out of the house and no one was hurt. Everything was lost; many family heirlooms, including the piano; my brothers pet dog. Now we are overwhelmed with all the help the Lord has sent us. We are loved by many. A church all the way in Australia is wanting to help! Our friends has opened up their home, food, shower, and hearts to us.

Mom and Dad have been in the hospital satisfying the demands of the doctors. They have had a hard time, it is shameful how they were treated. But even there there were some bright spots. They made a few friends, and God sent a sympathetic vice manager to help them out. Now they finally return from the hospital safe.

It is certainly hard dealing with all the losses, I am constantly thinking of something I don't have anymore. But the Lord is good and loving and blessed us with a new healthy baby, even if he was a few weeks early. Through all this God has taught me to be satisfied in him and to trust him with all my heart. I truly love my Creator, he has made this the best time of my life and I would not ask for our house back for anything.